preparing clothes

Be sure to check the suitable items page for more information on what items are accepted.


  • All clothing items must be on hangers.

  • All clothing size 4 and under must be on child size hangers.

  • You may use plastic hangers, though wire is preferred.

  • We do not accept pant hangers with clips or pant hangers where the waistband slides into the holder.

  • All pants/shorts must be correctly safety pinned to the hanger (see video #2 at right).

  • For your convenience, we sell child-size wire hangers for use in preparing your items for sale. You do not have to purchase from us, but they are difficult to find and we sell them at cost for your convenience. Click here for hanger sales then scroll below purple photo.

Hangers Face Left

Place all clothing on hangers with the hook facing to the left (so it looks like a question mark). If they come to inspection backwards, you will have to change them before putting on sales floor.

How to Hang Pants or shorts
(See Video #2)

No clip hangers are allowed. When hanging any pants/shorts, please hold the item's waistband up to the top of the hanger, slide the pin through the item, catch the hanger, then make sure the pin comes forward again through the item a 2nd time then close the pin. If it doesn't go through item twice, then the pins/items will slide down to bottom of hanger and continually tip to one end when on the rack (they won't sell this way) and we will give it back to you at inspection. Make sure pants/shorts stay at top of hanger (see video).

Two-Piece Outfits
(See Video #2)

Hang the shirt on hanger as normal, turn hanger around and safety pin the pant waistband to the shoulders of the hanger (one pin on each side). Make sure the front of the pants are facing out. Do not pin pants to lower bar of hanger. If hung correctly, shopper should be able to see front of shirt, then turn hanger around and see front of pants (or if 2nd item is a shirt, they will see front of 2nd shirt). Do not use clip hangers.

limits to know

Clothing Limit

Total clothing limit of 250 hangers per consignor.


  • Within sizes NB, 3M & 6M you may bring 50 hangers total that is boys and girls together.

  • You may combine items onto 1 hanger. If you have 3 things on 1 hanger, it only counts as 1 item/hanger


Onesies and clean socks should be in plastic bags. Check neck area on onesies for stains. You can combine several clean onesies into one bag if they are all the same size.

Sleepers of all sizes must be on hangers, not in baggies. You can combine sleepers onto 1 hanger but make sure they are all the same size if on 1 hanger. See instructions for hanging multiple items on hanger below.


Each consignor may bring 20 “boy” items and 20 “girl” items in this size. Size 14 clothing does not sell as well in our sale. No limits on sizes 9M- size 12 (big kid).


Limit 10 pair per consignor. All shoes will go through a separate inspection.


Limit 15 items per consignor. Brands accepted: Gap, Old Navy, Liz Lange, Mimi, Pea in the Pod, Motherhood, In Due Time from JC Penney and Oh Baby! from Kohl's. Other unique maternity pieces with sale management approval.


Read more under suitable items.

Video #1 What Type of Hangers to Use

Video #2 How to Hang and Tag Clothes

Video #3 How to Prepare Shoes


preparing toys and more

Toys & baby equipment must have all parts and be in good working order. If the item requires batteries make sure they are in the item or we will remove it from the sales floor as shoppers will not know if it works. This includes bouncy seats, bassinets, etc.

If a bigger toy has smaller pieces (train set, doll house, race car track), make sure smaller pieces are in a bag then tape or zip tie the bag securely to the bigger toy.

Items with multiple pieces such as car seat/stroller combos need to have an identifying tag for each piece. Create a bar-code tag to be attached to the primary item, and then attach a handwritten tag that contains your consignor number and description of the complete set to each additional piece. Don’t forget to bring the bar-coded tag with you to the sale and we will attach it to the claim ticket of your primary item.

Large Items

If you are bringing large items (stroller, high chair, etc.), print your tag and bring it to the sale but do not attach your tag until you get to the sale. We will need to attach your tag to a special large item claim ticket. On all large items you bring, please add a piece of masking tape under the item and write your consignor number on the tape. This way if your tag rips off, we will still be able to see who the item belongs to so we can sell it. This only needs to be done on large baby gear items, very large toys and on furniture items.

Combining Items

Whenever possible, please combine multiple, similar smaller items into a set. Customers prefer to purchase like items together and it decreases the chance of your items losing it's tag. You should combine books (by similar subject or reading level), rattles, Barbie-like dolls and/or clothes, Army-like guys, etc. Put these items into a clear plastic bag and tape the bag shut so that curious little hands can't open the bag. If combining books or other items, you may use string, curly ribbon or zip-ties.

Complete Sets & Items

Nothing is more aggravating to a customer than to purchase an item and get home to find it missing a piece or pieces, a torn or missing page, a missing train track, etc. Customers purchase your items for their children so you can imagine the frustration to both adult and child when this happens. Please take the time to read the box to see what should be included, count every piece, open and check every DVD case, and check all pages of a book. Even though you assume the game/toy is complete, our children often remove parts for other purposes without you knowing, so make sure every item is double checked before pricing and bringing to the sale.


Furniture must be fully assembled to display in the sale. This includes cribs, changing tables, pack-n-plays, etc. 


Crib bedding must be priced $60 or below. Baby or children's bedding should be in large, clear plastic bags (see through blue bags are ok but distort color, try for clear). Bedding is bulky and may sit on the floor under the tables so make sure they are protected. 


Please group books together. If combining books, DVDs, etc., be sure to tie or tape them together or put them in a clear baggie then tape a tag on the bag. Please check for torn or missing pages, and please do not put tape on book covers if it will rip the cover when removed.



-All tags should be pinned onto items on the right side (as you are looking at the item) in chest area.
-Any clothing items that have size ranges (18-24M, 3-6M) on the size tag should always have the LOWEST size entered into our tagging system.
-Barcode tags print six to a page, and you will need to cut them apart after printing. 

A scrapbooking type paper cutter is a quicker and more efficient way to cut the tags than using scissors. When attaching tags to toys and other items, you may place clear tape over the tags but do not distort or block the barcode with anything other than clear tape. We need to be able to scan the barcode.

Items You Will Need

  • Child-sized hangers (plastic or wire) for clothing up to size 4. If clothing is size 4 and over you must use adult hangers.

  • No "clip" hangers are allowed. All pants/shorts must be safety pinned to the top of the shirt hangers (no straight pins).

  • White card-stock paper for bar-code tags to be printed upon.

  • Safety pins at least 1-inch in size (no straight pins).

  • Plastic zipped baggies for shoes, toys with small parts, onesies, etc.

  • Packing tape for attaching tags to toys, etc., and for closing plastic bags.

  • Zip ties, string or ribbon to bind multi-piece items together.

Things to know

If you are bringing large items (stroller, high chair, etc.), print your tag but do not attach the tag until you get to the sale. We will need to attach your tag to a special claim ticket. On these large items, place a piece of masking tape with your consignor number on the bottom of the item. This way if the large tag gets separated we know who the item belongs to and are still able to sell your item.

Stick your open safety pins into a bar of soap. This will coat the sharp end of the pin and help it slide into clothing more easily.

Multi-piece items such as car seat/stroller combo need to have an identifying tag for each individual piece. Create and bring your bar-coded tag, and for each additional piece, attach a handwritten tag to that contains your consignor number and description of the complete set. Bring the bar-coded tag with you to the sale and we will attach it to the large item claim ticket.

Tagging Supplies Needed

Tagging Large Items



One Week Boutique shoppers are savvy shoppers, so they know what is a good deal and what isn't. 90% of our clothing items sell for $6.00 and under (this includes 2 piece outfits). Click here to see our helpful pricing guide.

When setting your prices, all clothing must be priced at least $3.00. It is important to remember that you want to price your items to sell. Keep in mind the quality, condition, and brand name of the item when pricing. An easy formula is to price the item at 1/3 of the original price and then adjust it according to the condition. Go a little higher if the item is in excellent condition. Be sure to separate your sentimental thoughts from the value of the item. 

The majority of our clothing is priced from $3.00-$6.00. If you price an item at $10.00 or more, you should have paid over $30.00 for it new. If you did not pay more than that, then please lower the price or it will not sell. When pricing items, use $.50 increments only.

When tagging your items, you will see in the tagging system where you determine if it goes half price on the last day or if it stays full price. We suggest any item you mark for “donate” be allowed to go half price so that it increases the likelihood of being sold before it gets donated. This way you make some money before no money.

$3 Clothing Rule

All clothing on a hanger MUST be priced at least $3.00. Toys, books, shoe, miscellaneous baby items and supplies can be priced under $3.00. If a single, hanging clothing item cannot bring $3.00 on its own, pair it with something the same size that will bring the value to this amount. 


Crib bedding must be priced $60 or below. Do not price bedding too high. We typically get a high number of these types of items, so price yours competitively.


valet tagging

One Week Boutique offers Valet Tagging. Valet Tagging is the same as valet parking—you drop your items off to one of our expert taggers and they take it from there. Bring your clean items to your personal valet tagger then she will hang, bundle, prepare, enter and tag them for you and she will also drop them off at OWB on drop-off day. You will donate or pick up any unsold items following the sale.

We want you to make the most money possible at One Week Boutique. The best way to do that is to prepare and tag all of your items yourself, but we also understand that some of you have great items to sell and not enough time to prepare them. If that is the case for you, we can help. Limited spots are available.

Here is how it works

  • You must have at least 100 items to put into the sale (worth a minimum of $50)

  • Clothing must be washed and in EXCELLENT condition; no exceptions

  • Clothing items must be Gap, Gymboree, The Children's Place or nicer to be Valet tagged

  • Bring your clothing items clean, folded and organized by gender AND size, to tagger’s location

  • Bring items to your tagger in baskets, boxes or tubs; you will need to pick up if you want back

  • Make sure to clean all your large baby equipment and toys (Clorox wipes and Magic Erasers are great!)

  • Make sure every toy/item has every piece with it that makes it complete and work correctly

  • You will earn one Consignor pre-sale shopping pass

  • Your check will be mailed 2 weeks following sale when all consignor checks are mailed

  • Please register andpay your consignor fee before taking items to your tagger

  • Space is limited and will be filled on a first come, first served basis

Your tagger will tag your items according to OWB pricing guidelines. We'll take care of donating any unsold items at the conclusion of the sale if you choose to donate the items to our charities. You will get the tax deduction for these items.  If you want to pick your unsold items up following the sale, you will do that at the sale on the assigned Consignor Pick-up day. With our pricing and prepping expertise, you'll likely have little left!

Don’t forget large items such as strollers, high chairs, baby furniture, baby swings, ride on toys, Little Tykes & Step 2 outside toys and wagons! Also, dig out those maternity clothes and don’t forget Halloween costumes for the Fall sale and swimsuits for the Spring sale.

What does this service cost

  • Typical OWB consignors earn 65% of every item they sell or if they volunteer they earn 70%.

If you choose Valet Tagging:

  • You will earn 45% of every item you sell or if you assist during the sale you will earn 50%

  • You will be charged 15 cents per tagged item as a supply fee (your tagger provides the hangers, safety pins, cardstock, ink and any other supplies needed while tagging your items

  • You need to register and pay your consignor fee BEFORE taking items to your tagger. This way she can begin as soon as she gets your items.

If you are interested in Valet Tagging for this sale, please send an email to . Space is limited! Reservations will be made on a first come, first served basis. All items must be delivered to your valet tagger no later than March 15, 2019. Once you receive confirmation from One Week Boutique that a spot is available, you will make drop-off arrangements with your tagger.