suitable items


We accept clothes for both girls and boys, Preemie through size 14.

With a spring/summer sale and a fall/winter sale, we prefer to feature seasonally appropriate items. For our spring/summer sale, we do not accept long-sleeved shirts and only accept limited styles of pants. We will accept girl's capris and boy's khaki dress pants (not cargo pants). We will also accept 6 pairs of jeans per consignor in the spring sale, if they are in perfect condition. We know kids wear long sleeves and pants in the spring, but these limits are in place based on space availability. For our fall/winter sale we do not accept short-sleeved or sleeveless shirts, shorts or spring-style capris. If you have capris that are a matched set with a short-sleeved shirt, we will accept that. The brand and size must match to be sold together in the fall/winter sale.

We can only accept socks and underwear if they are in like-new condition. No stains, and no animal hair. Shoes must be in excellent, like new condition.

For maternity clothes we prefer to only accept the following brands: Gap, Old Navy, Liz Lange, Mimi, Pea in the Pod, Motherhood, In Due Time from JC Penney and Oh Baby! from Kohl's. Other unique maternity pieces may be accepted pending sale management approval.

Other Acceptable Items:

  • Seasonal children's shoes
  • Indoor and Outdoor toys
  • Play houses
  • Tricycles & children's bicycles
  • Video game consoles and games (in original case)
  • Books
  • Children's CD's
  • Computer games
  • Sports equipment
  • Board games and puzzles
  • Barbie dolls
  • Little Tykes
  • Baby equipment/monitors
  • Strollers
  • Bouncers
  • High chairs and infant seats
  • Baby swings
  • Play pens
  • Cribs, portable cribs, bassinets, toddler beds, and bunk beds
  • Nursery and nursing supplies
  • Changing tables
  • Diaper disposals
  • Baby bedding and blankets
  • Potty chairs
  • Bed guardrails
  • Diaper bags
  • Cups
  • Hair bows
  • Pajamas
  • Bottles
  • Boy Scout and Girls Scout uniforms

unsuitable items

One Week Boutique only accepts quality, clean items.

Items that are too worn, out of style, stained, have missing buttons or broken zippers, or are out of season will not be accepted at check-in. Make sure you have looked at each item as though you were going to buy it. Check for stains, fading, holes in seams, rips, or any other details that may make the item unsuitable for sale at One Week Boutique. Do not spend your time hanging, entering and tagging dirty items as they will be given back to you at inspection.

Due to space and quality issues, no clothing from Wal-Mart will be accepted. We have found that Wal-Mart brand clothing does not hold up or sell well. Wal-Mart brands that will not be accepted include Faded Glory, George, Garanimals, Child of Mine from Carter's (we do accept other Carter's lines) and all other clothing sold at Wal-Mart stores. You may still bring toys and baby items (just no baby clothing) from Wal-Mart. 

If a toy or item requires batteries, working batteries must be included so the buyer knows the item works.

House Resolution 4040 requires that no children's items with a lead level over 600ppm be sold in the United States. You must adhere to this law, so please check the website and list for your items carefully.

Please do not be offended if items are given back to you during inspection. We want to insure the highest quality of clothing possible for the sale. The sale is growing rapidly so we will be more particular about what we accept. Please only bring your best.

OTHER Unacceptable Items:

  • Sneakers or shoes with dirt or scratches on them
  • Unassembled furniture
  • Anything with missing parts
  • Swing sets
  • Books with torn or missing pages
  • Electric breast pumps (you may sell manual/hand pumps but make sure all pieces are included)
  • VHS videos
  • Stuffed animals (unless they do something; dance, sing, etc.)
  • Drop-side cribs or any crib manufactured before July, 2011
  • Out of date/past style clothing
  • Car seats manufactured more than 5 years from sale end date, or have been involved in a car accident
  • Handmade items, including blankets
  • Juniors, misses or adult clothing

recall list

One Week Boutique requires that every consignor check the Consumer Product Safety website to view the recall list on toys and baby items before bringing the items to the sale. We do not accept children's items that have been recalled or any items that do not comply with the new HR 4040 certifications that are now required for items that are manufactured after February 10, 2009.

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