Strollers are allowed at the public sale.

We have new large shopping bags for your convenience, so outside baskets or bags will not be permitted.

Children are welcome at the public sale but please use good judgment when you bring them. It is very busy and sometimes a bit chaotic and little ones underfoot may get into places they shouldn't. This is a perfect opportunity to give yourself some alone time and enjoy a day shopping.

It’s always a good idea to bring your child's measurements and a tape measure to measure the items. A tip for buying shoes at One Week Boutique is to trace your child’s foot on a piece of cardboard or sturdy piece of paper, cut it out and bring it to slide inside a shoe to see if they fit.


Children are not allowed to play with toys at the sale. Items are the property of consignors and if they are broken or separated they cannot be sold. This will be strictly enforced. Also, please do not allow children to play or climb on racks.

Children are not allowed at the pre-sales unless they are in a front or back carrier and attached to an adult at all times.