volunteer levels

As a volunteer helper you can choose one of our three levels. 4-Hour Volunteers are only asked to work one 4-hour shift. 8-Hour Volunteers help one 8-hour shift or two 4-hour shifts at different times/days. For our VIP Volunteer level, you will pick any 8 hours during our sale week, along with a 3 hour sort shift. 


VIP Volunteer

8 volunteer hours + 3 hours of sort time near end of sale

VIP Volunteer Pre-sale
Friday, 5pm – 10pm

8-Hour Volunteer

8 volunteer hours
(one 8hr shift or two 4hr shifts)

8-Hour Volunteer Pre-sale
Friday, 5:30pm – 10pm

4-hour volunteer/ barterer

4 volunteer hours or
1 Barter slot

4-Hour Volunteer Pre-sale
Friday, 6pm – 10pm

volunteer helper responsibilities

Some of the things you may do include keeping the areas of the sales floor organized and neat, replacing tags that have fallen off, greeting customers as they arrive, bagging purchased items at check out, or assisting customers in finding correct sizes or specific items. 

On drop-off days you may be placing merchandise on racks as it arrives, on sorting day you will be helping us put unsold items under the correct consignor number for pick up. All the jobs are easy, and we always say "if you can count to 50, you've got it made!” We appreciate your help as this is a huge sale, and it takes numerous people to make it run smoothly from start to finish.