One Week Boutique uses a form of bartering/trade to help cut our costs, which in turn allows us to keep your consignor fee low and earning percentage high. There are numerous items that we need to form the foundation of our event. Snacks and water for volunteers, sale supplies and more are all necessary for making One Week Boutique a great place to find deals and make some money. If you are a consignor and wish to supply items that are needed, you'll get upgraded to a 4-Hour Volunteer status allowing you to get into the pre-sale a half-hour earlier than consignors. Plus, for Bartering we’ll bump your commission up to 70% on all of your consigned items. Please note that each pre-sale pass is good for 1 person only, but we'd love to have your friends or family volunteer and earn a pass too!

Please review our Bartering list inside the Volunteer Registration and see if you can provide anything we may need, and get yourself a boost in earnings and an earlier shot at finding the best deals!


You must be a consignor to be eligible for bartering.